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Charged with Domestic Violence in Orlando? [Next Steps to Secure Your Future]

Orlando Defense May 21, 2021

Criminal domestic violence cases are not only stressful and emotionally testing, but they also drive a wedge deep into your home life. Domestic violence arrests affect you and usually your partner, siblings, parents, and children as well. Furthermore, you often have to face criminal orders of protection and can be alienated from your family members. Navigating this emotional minefield can be overwhelming, but Orlando domestic violence lawyers are available to help you every step of the way – just read on to learn more.

Honor The Terms Of Any Orders Of Protection

If applicable, review your orders of protection carefully with your defense counsel to make sure you are honoring every term. Technical violations of orders of protection are often violated throughout the course of the domestic violence case, which muddies the process. While your case is still pending, refrain from contacting the victim – it may add serious felony charges while complicating your domestic violence case.

Obey The Law

Even if you commit an entirely different crime, adding new criminal cases will seriously complicate your domestic violence case. The court looks unfavorably upon defendants who are still racking up arrests, meaning that you will be much less likely to achieve a favorable outcome. Some domestic violence cases can linger for up to two years and the best thing you can do for yourself is stay out of trouble and keep a low profile.

Seek Out Professional Therapy

The process of getting arrested for domestic violence and going through the court system can be emotionally taxing.

Plus, when you account for the familial issues that originally spurred the incident, you may feel overwhelmed.

A few visits to a licensed therapist will go a long way towards alleviating your mental burden while also improving your image to the court. Seeking therapy will more often than not have a positive impact on settlement negotiations.

Come To Court Prepared

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask what time court starts, what you should wear, and so on.

There are many benefits of doing your due diligence and showing up ready when the time comes for your court appearance.

We recommend wearing business attire that you would normally wear to a business interview and showing up to court early so that you can work out any last details with your defense attorney.

You only have one first impression with the court.

Keep The End In Sight

Many first-time domestic violence offenders have never been arrested before and are going through their first brush with the law, which can add to the amount of stress and turmoil that you are already feeling.

Being in the thick of your domestic violence case may feel like it’s taking forever but much of the time, Orlando domestic violence attorneys can help you throughout the entire process and yield you the most positive outcome.

Remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your defense attorney is there for you.

Domestic violence charges can cause major problems for your future, ranging from fines to imprisonment.

Fortunately, Orlando Defense is the help that you need in this trying time. With the help of our Orlando domestic violence lawyers, you could end up with lower penalties or none at all – just give us a call today.