| Read Time: 2 minutes | Expungement

How to Get Expungement in Florida [in 2021]

A new year is upon us—and for many of us, the arrival of 2021 feels like a fresh start! Unfortunately, it can be hard to feel energized for the year ahead if you are still struggling with convictions from your past. This is where an expungement lawyer may be able to help. Just read on to learn more about...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | criminal defense

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando for You

Many people don’t consider the possibility of getting arrested or the necessity of a reputable criminal defense lawyer if an incident occurs. However, having an excellent attorney is vital when faced with a criminal charge. Finding the right attorney for your case can make all the difference when building your defense, and it can be especially daunting when you...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Domestic Violence

Charged with Domestic Violence in Orlando? [Next Steps to Secure Your Future]

Criminal domestic violence cases are not only stressful and emotionally testing, but they also drive a wedge deep into your home life. Domestic violence arrests affect you and usually your partner, siblings, parents, and children as well. Furthermore, you often have to face criminal orders of protection and can be alienated from your family members. Navigating this emotional minefield...

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