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Charged with Florida DUI

If you find yourself facing a DUI conviction, you are likely experiencing a wide range of emotions—from shame, to regret, to uncertainty about what the future holds.

Though this may be a turbulent time, the team here at Orlando Defense is ready to help you navigate it with clarity and confidence.

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Just read on to see what makes us the DUI lawyers that Orlando, Florida residents trust most.

Learn From Our Local Experience

You may think that every DUI is essentially the same—but think again!

Through more than a decade of serving Central Florida, we have gained valuable insights that not just any attorney can provide.

Even having familiarity with things such as:

  • Local roads and highways;
  • Local police departments and officers; and
  • Local judges.

Can help us better defend you in case of an Orlando DUI. Put knowledge on your side and let us get an outcome you can feel good about.

Benefit From our Specialized Insights Tackling DUIs

In addition to our unique understanding of the local environment, the team at Orlando Defense has specialized experience dealing with DUIs.

Not every offense or area of the law is the same, and our unique insights in this specific type of defense can help us better serve you and your case.

Attorney Jeff Higgins has substantial trial experience securing not guilty verdicts for DUI cases just like yours.

Avoid Common Misconceptions

Common misconceptions about DUIs can lead to costly mistakes in your case.

For example, you may first decide to forego legal assistance because this is a first-time offense or relatively “simple” case—but we know that even first-time offenses can result in an array of penalties including jail time, fines, community service, loss of driving privileges and alcohol education programs.

A number of factors go into your DUI defense case, so don’t assume that your case is better or worse than any other. We’ll work with you to examine the unique details of your case and move on from there.

Contact a DUI Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

From DUIs to more complex criminal cases, Orlando Defense has experience with it all.

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Jeff began his career as an assistant public defender in Lake County, Florida. Jeff works to make sure that his clients understand the legal process, understand their rights, and fully understand their choices before making any decisions about their case.