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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

Vigorous Representation From A Qualified Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You When You Need It Most

Where should you turn if you are facing domestic violence charges in Florida?

You know you need representation, but who should provide it? 

After a domestic violence arrest, you might think of calling the lawyer who handled your car accident case or the attorney who put together your parents’ estate plan.

Those folks might be excellent lawyers, but not every lawyer knows how to protect your rights in an Orlando domestic violence defense.

Only an attorney with a wealth of experience as a domestic violence defense lawyer can maximize the likelihood of getting the results you desire. 

At Orlando Defense, our domestic violence defense lawyers in Florida are here to help you.

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What Are Domestic Violence Charges?

Domestic violence refers to a crime committed by one against another in circumstances indicating that the parties have a special relationship between them. One might assume that domestic violence refers only to spouses and children.

But the definition is much broader than that. 

Florida law refers to family or household members who may be victims of domestic violence.

Relationships that qualify as family or household members are:

  • Spouses;

  • Parents;

  • Children;

  • Siblings;

  • Former spouses;

  • People living together as a family; and

  • Individuals who have a child together, even if they never lived together.

For domestic violence charges, the law requires people to have lived together, with the exception of having a child, to be a family, or to be a household member.

Aggressive Florida Domestic Violence Defense

You stand to lose a lot if you have a domestic violence charge in Florida.

That is why hiring a domestic violence lawyer as quickly as possible can be critical to the success of your defense.

When specially trained domestic violence prosecutors file charges against you, having the right domestic violence lawyer will give you the best chance to avoid a conviction.

You need a knowledgeable lawyer dedicated to delivering justice to provide you with a winning domestic violence defense. At Orlando Defense, we don’t just look at a police report, we review all of the evidence. 

This includes whether the alleged victim intends to prosecute, the existence of injuries to either party, whether anyone was intoxicated, whether there is a Stand Your Ground issue, and many other possibilities.

Special units in every state attorney’s office in Florida review domestic violence complaints and choose which cases they will prosecute.

Domestic violence prosecutors rely on their extensive experience and skill when prosecuting someone for domestic violence.

Your domestic violence lawyer should also be highly skilled and well-trained so that you can have the best shot at winning justice.

Will The Prosecutor Drop Domestic Violence Charges In Florida?

Many people harbor great misconceptions about how the criminal justice system operates.

People wrongly assume that if an alleged victim does not want to press charges, the prosecutor will drop domestic violence charges in Florida.

That assumption is wrong and the increase in the use of body cameras has changed everything. Well-schooled prosecutors know how to use court rules to their advantage to prosecute cases even if the alleged victim refuses to cooperate or wants the case dismissed. 

Only prosecuting attorneys can decide if they will drop domestic violence charges in Florida.

They will listen to suggestions from the alleged victim about how the case should proceed. However, the alleged victim’s opinion about what should happen only goes so far. 

A prosecutor’s number one job is to protect the public. Part of the job requires them to evaluate cases to see if the person they choose to prosecute will re-offend.

With a savvy domestic violence defense lawyer by your side, you can develop a defense strategy that shows you are not a risk of re-offending.

Maybe you demonstrate your positive standing in the community through your employment or volunteer work, or perhaps you attend personal or relationship counseling without a judicial order to show that you are serious about correcting your behavior. 

However, remember that you cannot contact anyone who is protected from you by a domestic violence injunction or no-contact order, even to reconcile. 

A Conviction for a Domestic Violence Charge Carries Harsh Consequences

A conviction for a domestic battery or another domestic violence charge in Florida carries serious consequences.

Depending on the severity of the allegations, you could face either felony or misdemeanor charges.

Even if you have a misdemeanor charge, you could wind up in jail, on probation, or paying hefty fines.

Florida law carries minimum jail terms for domestic violence offenses when the alleged offender intentionally caused physical harm. 

If someone is convicted of domestic battery or other domestic violence charges, there can be devastating consequences. 

Even if you are not sentenced to time in jail, if you are placed on probation, the judge may require you to attend and complete a batterer’s intervention counseling program. And you could still receive a jail sentence if you fail to complete that course.  

In addition, if someone is convicted of domestic battery or other domestic violence charges and they are not a United States citizen, they face removal from the United States, denial of naturalization rights, or exclusion from the U.S. Additionally, they might find it hard to get a job with domestic violence charges on their record.

They may lose their right to possess a firearm and ammunition, as well.

They could also lose their right to vote if the domestic violence charges result in a felony conviction.

However, a skilled domestic violence lawyer can help prevent those consequences. 

As you can see, having the best domestic violence lawyer to fight for you is essential to protect your freedom and your rights.

Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyer Explains Domestic Violence Injunction

In addition to criminal charges, domestic battery and domestic violence charges can sometimes result in a judge issuing a domestic violence injunction.

It is important to note, a domestic violence injunction is different from a no-contact order.

No-contact orders are frequently a condition put in place by a judge while a case works its way through the court system. 

They can be issued whether a person stays in jail or bonds out.

The process surrounding a domestic violence injunction is different and runs independently of any related criminal case, even though it often involves many of the same facts.

A domestic violence injunction can restrict your liberty severely.

A domestic violence injunction can:

  • Restrict when you see your family, if the court allows you to see them at all;

  • Restrict where you can go;

  • Limit the people you can speak to; and

  • Force you to surrender your firearms, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.

  • Force you to complete anger management or domestic violence counseling.

A violation of a domestic violence injunction is a crime as well, so make sure that you abide by all the court’s orders, even if you do not agree. 

You might think that it is a foregone conclusion that a judge will slap a domestic violence injunction on you in every domestic violence case.

That is not the case at all. Judges in Florida listen to the facts of each case and decide the case based on the law.

Having a reputable domestic violence lawyer who understands the Florida justice system can give you the edge you need to preserve your freedom.

How Much Does A Florida Domestic Violence Lawyer Cost?

It is natural to wonder how much a domestic violence lawyer costs. You might be concerned about the expense especially if you were held in jail and lost your job or had to move out of your house. 

While the immediate expense of hiring a domestic violence lawyer could be daunting, you need to consider the long-term ramifications of not hiring someone to provide you with an aggressive domestic violence defense.

Representing yourself or placing your fate in the hands of someone not knowledgeable or qualified enough to protect your rights could be disastrous for your present and your future, even if you think you got a good deal from the judge and prosecution. 

If you have been arrested for domestic battery or other domestic violence charges, the best thing you can do is contact the team at Orlando Defense and make sure you are taking the right steps to protect your freedom and your future.

Our Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Help Clients In Orlando And Across Florida

If you have a domestic violence charge in Orlando, or in any other location in Florida, you deserve a vigorous defense.

Our domestic violence lawyers at Orlando Defense are ready to serve you.

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We are committed to achieving the best result possible for you and your family.

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